This was a first for me, I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I definitely would consider working together in a heartbeat! I felt like you believed in me so much it made me want to believe in myself. After I met with you I always felt inspired and wanted to keep that momentum going. My relationships with family, friends, and my relationship with myself has definitely improved. I can also communicate more effectively at work and towards my coworkers in a way that is just couldn’t before. I remember how much money I was spending on eating out but was stingy to pay for a service like this that would change my life for the better. I can see that I’m in a much better place than so was around this time last year. I would recommend you to anyone who is feeling lost in their lives and can’t pinpoint why you helped me realize that from my childhood I suppressed so much and helped me acknowledge it.

 Jewels Collins


Leyanne, I am so thankful and blessed to have you share that information and experience of the new moon. You are such an inspiring woman and I was just thinking how much I appreciate you for taking this journey because you are opening my eyes to what it means to be self aware AND share that with others! You radiate such an example of what it means to be a woman in tune with the world. You are truly a light! Thank you for your help. 

Neisa Pimental


For a long time I believed that if I became successful I would inevitably be happy. I moved through life ambitious and curious, securing material win after win and still, it wasn’t enough for me. At some point I realized no matter how well I did professionally it didn’t compensate for the lack of attention I was giving my heart. I joined the Sacred Sister Circle in hopes of healing and attaining personal growth and WOW, has it been a journey. In the Circle I found true sisterhood where like-minded women support each other free of pride and envy. We meet virtually but connect spiritually and for that I am incredibly thankful. The Sacred Sister Circle is unlike any other team I have been on. 

Vivian Tejeda


I have been a part of Leyanne Oliveira Sacred Sister Circle since April. It’s singlehandedly one of the most conscious investments I’ve made this year. I decided to invest in myself. And I have never been happier. Within this circle, I interact ladies who match my energy and are as committed to their growth as I am to mine. As women, we often lack that community of other women who we can turn to. For me that’s been big. We meet virtually and we’ve even had face to face meetings for meditation + self work. If you’d like to join a space where you’re supported, validated, challenged, encouraged and inspired af, do ittttt! Don’t think about it, lol just do it. check out the flyer and reach out to my soul twin Leyanne! We’ll be right here waiting for ya

Sacred Sister Circle: It is more than just a name. It is more than just spirituality. It’s a community. We support each other in ways you can’t imagine. I know a lot of people have doubts about joining due to the money or religion beliefs, but there’s nothing you’ll learn or be a part of in this group that will be of harm. There is no black magic in this group. There is nothing that isn’t of God and the Universe. Everything we do, we do together and it’s all through life coaching and the understanding of the human mind/body/soul. You can’t have one without the other. And plus we have the chance of a LIFETIME, to have THEE BEST Founder and Facilitator, Leyanne. Whom I love dearly. It’s funny how one single decision can change your life. I joined at the beginning of April 2018. I contemplated it for a day or 2. Then I was like fxck it and I just signed up. I was lonely. My anxiety had taken a toll on me. Anxiety attacks happening while I’m driving in traffic on 95, can’t stop, can’t pull over. Hyperventilating. I had just moved out of my parents house. I gained 16 more lbs on top of what I was already tryna lose. I wasn’t going out, or taking pictures. I wasn’t comfortable in my body. I was sick ALL THE TIME. I was brokeeeeee. Literally so broke, no money, negative bank accounts, overdraft fees up my ass. All I had was my boyfriend and I felt like I couldn’t really turn to anybody it was just me and him. And I felt like outside of my friends, I just needed a community of women I could lean on and go to. So with the last $8 I had in my account, I signed up. I’m not even joking. Nowwwwwww here we are 8 months laterrrrr and my life has changed SO MUCH. Anxiety is under control all through mindfulness. I no longer feel alone, lost or scared. My finances are under control. I’m just happy. 

Nicole Sar


This year was filled with ups & downs, trials & tribulations, & to be honest I was not expecting it to be such a struggle. I battled with my inner self, my spiritually, & finding my overall purpose in life. Yes! Your girl went through it! But it’s not about the setback, it’s all about the comeback. God is too good! I’m back stronger than I have ever been & that is all thanks to the Sacred Sister Circle.

Sacred Sister Circle is a group of women who have consciously decided to be intentional about their healing & life in general. This Circle has changed my life for the better & I want it to do the same for you!

Aissatou Cisse