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 meet leyanne


Leyanne is a passionate woman driven by her mission to elevate the collective vibration of the Woman.

She has always been a passionate dreamer and lover of life.


Throughout her life, although much has shifted, one thing that remained unchanged is her fascination and interest in human behavior and its relation to success and happiness. She is committed to her story and believes it has been perfectly sculpted for her to not only deeply believe in the power of the woman but also crave to see each woman strive in all areas of her life.


Leyanne weaves her passion with her professional practice to provide vital, compassionate, respectful, and informed care for her clients.


Leyanne founded Life with LO in 2017 to create more for herself and her community – aiming to (re)connect women with their innate divinity.

Leyanne is committed to the growth of each woman she crosses path with. From workshops to one on one client coaching, LO is constantly challenging, loving and improving the portrayal of women within herself as well as the patriarchal society we live in.

Leyanne is equal parts loving, kind and intuitive; mixed with a whole lot of heart. Central to her work is compassion and a commitment to providing access to transformative wholistic care to all women