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self mastery and wellness coach


a space dedicated to healing, discussions, support & spiritual growth. Your deepest dreams and desires are only a decision away – are you ready to take a chance on yourself?

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Interested in having me join your event, conference or workshop? I love expanding my reach to help bring women to their highest vibration - get in contact below.

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Speaking, Workshops & Panels

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If you're ready to completely transform your reality from the inside out, this option is for you. This 3 or 6 month option is for women who are ready mind, body, and spirit to do whatever it takes to reach her full potential. These sessions are a mix of tough love, accountability, and healing tools to get you in alignment with your soul’s deepest desires

Are you looking for community of like-minded women focused on healing & spiritual elevation? The sacred Sister Circle is a group coaching community centered around mind, body & spirit transformation.

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Sacred Sister Circle


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An Overnight Self Discovery & Healing Retreat

The retreat will focus on opening the heart and centering you in soul through transformational workshopssister healing circlesceremoniesplant based meals with an overnight stay.

This is an opportunity to start or take your healing to the next level. An opportunity to release and let go of old wounds and hurt of the past and get to know your true self in a profound way.  


Are you lacking confidence and certainty causing you to feel stuck and take little action? Do you want to live on purpose and in divine sacredness? Do you want to desperately understand yourself in order to own all parts of yourself, past and present?


lets get started

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Reclaiming your Divinity

In this course, we focus on reclaiming our personal power specifically as a woman in the 21st century by understanding the role & power of the feminine, energy and its relationship to our power & intuition

The Authenticity Project

In this course, we work through deconstructing all parental, cultural & societal layerings. Students will find the double side of each layer & focus on taking full responsibility & leaving victimhood. Through the course & exercises, we will be able to become aligned with our true essence.

Alignment 101

In this course, we will learn everything Manifesting and Alignment, such as understanding the truth behind the reality we live in, the Law of Attraction & the importance of heart consciousness and emotions


Meet Leyanne

From workshops to one on one client coaching, LO is constantly challenging, loving and improving the portrayal of women within herself as well as the patriarchal society we live in. Leyanne is equal parts loving, kind and intuitive; mixed with a whole lot of heart. Central to her work is compassion and a commitment to providing access to transformative wholistic care to all women.

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