A Common Heartbroken Story

I spend a lot of time analyzing, observing and questioning everything around me, especially people and their actions. I often stare into the distance thinking of how beautiful this experience of life is and how interesting it is that we each experience it differently. We all have a different lens which we see the world and how we interpret it.

As of lately, my world has been a little chaotic filled with tears, questions, and discomfort.

But every day, I continue to remind myself that I am just human, & I can only influence things in my life but have no control.

Instead of pondering on the negatives, I've decided to surrender my pain and choose to reflect rather than let the pain consume me. 

I am choosing to live in the now and try to fully take in this experience hoping to learn and grow.

Through my writing, I began to reflect on my years growing up and how I was never taught how to emotionally deal with things, especially the departure of a man who was previously a companion. I guess that’s something we learn as we grow and experience different attachments.

As my emotions are hard to put into a well thought out journal,  I’ve decided to write a short letter to myself to help ease my pain a little.

Wipe your tears, and breathe in and out

You’re one of a kind and don’t you ever forget it, even if he did

Sounds cliché, but always put yourself, 

your expectations and morals F I R S T

Hold yourself and remember you’re SELF SUFFICIENT

You've worked hard to become everything you are

Don’t forget that, even if he did

Remember you gave all that you had, now it’s time to L E T G O

His departure doesn’t make you...

Any less pretty, any less smart or any less of a woman

You are kind, beautiful, determined, compassionate & a woman of C H A R A C T E R

You are a Q U E E N, not all QUEENS need a king

But you will find yours when the time is right

Because every KING needs a QUEEN like YOU

Hold your head right, shoulders back, and remember

This experience is not a reflection of LOVE but a lack thereof

TRUE PURE LOVE doesn’t Decay, I promise

Remember, you are a queen just like your mother

So sit, reflect, write, and process your thoughts

Love YOURSELF is the lesson to be learned here

Because emotions are just emotions and they will pass

Love without commitment is simply lust

Love without respect is merely disrespect


Wipe those tears, mama taught you better than this!