Finding Your Path to Greatness

Throughout our beautiful journey in life, we tend to get lost and follow the path travelled by most without ever questioning why. This laid out constant pattern created by society of how were supposed to live, brought me to a year of questioning myself, my ideas, my wants, and especially my purpose. A couple months after graduating college, I began this journey of self-discovery that has transformed me completely. I am now aware of who I am, which can sound silly to others but certainly important. I know what I ultimately want, what my happiness looks and smells like. I know I am one of a kind and I would love for others to embark on a journey of their own to discover this profound feeling of self-awareness.

When I speak of an "outline" created by society, here is what I mean:

School for 12 years? - College perhaps? - Marriage? -Divorce? - Death?

Of course, I'm oversimplifying the timeline but most people's life will follow this pattern which is unfortunate. I've come to realize that life is supposed to be more, much more than just school, having a career, building a family and then passing on. There's so much more that is supposed to happen within that's not often highlighted. The self-discovery path that leads to understanding yourself, your actions, your feelings and being. We don't spend enough time searching within but more focused on external factors and what others seem to see.

I've learned every single human being is unique in their own way. No one and I mean NO ONE was created the same. We all have our purpose and our special reason for being here; you just have to search for yours. We all have our special why and how we can take part in helping our creator in making this world the best it can be.

However, unfortunately, with this simple "path" laid out for us to follow, we often don't stop or have enough time alone to understand what life is trying to tell us and why things are happening the way they are. I've realized that my generation is too busy "turning up" rather than impacting lives of those who are less fortunate. I apologize for those who I offended with my last sentence. My intentions are not to put anyone's actions down but rather spark energy in your being that is being suppressed and not stimulated enough. 

This past year after following society's path, became a college graduate and finding a career, I was then faced with the question of what's next. Do I just continue with an office job until I'm ready to have children and then tie the knot?  From a woman who has felt special within herself her entire life, I refused to believe being an auditor is all I was meant to be. I’ve always felt this burn at my core of greatness which we all have. For the first time I knew I had to begin creating my OWN path. I had to figure why my life mattered and how I was going to leave my print on others.

I began deeply questioning what my passions were? What sets me apart from others? Why do I subconsciously do things? Why and where did I get my values and belief systems from? And Why my flaws are uniquely mine?

These questions were things that I might have questioned myself about before but was never in a need to answer. Now after college, I was either going to follow the path to a 9-5 job and then marriage or for once find out enough about myself to begin creating my own path. The path that was uniquely created for me. The path that would lead me to not only discover Leyanne and her purpose but her GREATNESS.

Instead of keeping my thoughts, ideas, and journey in a journal locked away, I decided to create this blog.  I'm fascinated by humans and their actions and life choices. I'm in love with self-development and growth. And I have a burning passion in helping others in their own journey of personal, professional and relationship growth. Welcome to Vida Linda and I hope you enjoy!