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What is the ripple your energy is creating in our rhythm of life?

The universe works in balance. It creates and destroys all there is that you see with the deep intention of harmony. When a new creation first reaches the atmosphere it is immediately met with a new manifestation that compliments the creation creating harmony, peace and joy. It's  the duality we see in this 3rd dimension of life and death, day and night, short and tall, masculine and feminine, near and far, and so forth.  Everything works in perfect equilibrium as one. Everything has a role and a purpose and together it creates the beautiful reality we see in front of us. The seasons, plants, flowers, animals, insects, humans … all one thread of consciousness. All as one creating our precious landscapes, interactions, experiences and life lessons. Each piece so important to the greater picture.

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Finding Your Path to Greatness

hroughout our beautiful journey in life, we tend to get lost and follow the path travelled by most without ever questioning why. This laid out constant pattern created by society of how were supposed to live, brought me to a year of questioning myself, my ideas, my wants, and especially my purpose. A couple months after graduating college, I began this journey of self-discovery that has transformed me completely. I am now aware of who I am, which can sound silly to others but certainly important. I know what I ultimately want, what my happiness looks and smells like. I know I am one of a kind and I would love for others to embark on a journey of their own to discover this profound feeling of self-awareness.

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