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 Step into your Divinity 

Self-master & Reach your full potential


 Are you a woman who is tired of the ordinary and know she was meant for more?

Wondering what the "more" is and what are the steps needed to not only find it but manifest it into your reality?

Are you ready to unleash your Divine Powers as a Wombman & completely transform your personal and professional life?

Are you ready to learn wholistic wellness and master your mind, body and spirit?

you are in the right place

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To begin uncovering or deepening their understanding of self

To gain liberation of old mental thoughts, negative self-talk, self destructive patterns

To create a safe space for themselves to acknowledge, process and release

To find insight and tools on healing past trauma and triggers

To uncover why they are here and what their life work is

To uncover and understand their current reality and get spiritual guidance on raising their current vibration

To understand and get clarity on common deep emotions they are experiencing (i.e depression, anxiety, loneliness, “feeling stuck”)

To convert over to a plant based lifestyle

To deepen their love for self

To learn how to start, up-level or maintain their business as healers

To learn healing tools to service their clients as healers

To receive mentorship on varies topics


One-on-One Session

Includes one coaching session

Service Includes:

(1) Intuitive One Hour Virtual or In Person

Healing Session with Leyanne Oliveira

All Sessions are recorded and

provided to you 

Total Investment $111


3 Month Coaching Package

*This package is for those who want to fully immerse themselves into their healing work. With your inner committed to self and Leyanne’s guidance, you will travel through a beautiful self love and self exploration journey.

Package Includes:

A pre session questionnaire to ensure our session is as effective as possible

3 months of intensive one-on-one in person or virtual healing session with Leyanne Oliveira (Total of 12*)

*One which is (1) 90-minute intensive to use at your choosing during the program

*One two-hour (2 hours) intensive to jumpstart our time together

Unlimited email support and access to me 

All Sessions are recorded and provided to you 

Total investment $777


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