10 Things Every Partnership Should Have

 10  Things Every Partnership Should Have:

  1. Both Individuals Need To Be Self Aware

    • Self awareness eliminates unnecessary loops of arguments that are never ending. Understanding your habits, thought patterns and attachment style as an individual will help your partner better understand you. If  you don't understand yourself, how can you expect another person to be able to?

  2. Genuinely Committed To Each Other

    • If a disagreement makes you want to run rather than understand it and gain further insight on your partner, are you really committed? Commitment means understanding that there's a middle ground. Commitment is  understanding your partner's need is just as important as yours.

  3. Maintain Open and Honest  Communication

    • Be honest about your feelings, actions or maybe doubts. You  are human. Your feelings will evolve as time proceeds and that's okay. Just make sure to  keep an open and honest dialogue with your partner.

  4. Trust

    • Trust is the inevitable key element to any relationship.  Trust is necessary because of the decision you've made to open your mind, soul and body to another person. You've become vulnerable to another beings' words, actions, and decisions.

  5. Respect

    • Relationships have seasons and that's just natural. Without respect, there is no love and that's that. Respect for another human being is simply part of humanity. RESPECT your partners' feelings, beliefs, ideas, etc, no matter what bad storm is passing. Always be KIND.

  6. Constant Curiosity

    • Ahh .. I love this ... constant curiosity of the person your sharing your days with is so important. Take time to learn, appreciate and acknowledge the uniqueness of the human being you're learning to love. Don't only fall in love with the beauty of your partner because the best lovers are  more deeply in love with the things that make their partners vulnerable and often overseen by others.

  7. Appreciation

    • Simply appreciate the efforts, time, and experiences you share with your significant other.

  8. Friendship

    • Be there to listen when they are hurt, give advice when needed and wipe any tears you have the privilege to see. Love wholeheartedly without any terms and conditions attached to the genuine care you give.

  9. Generous Sexual Experiences

    • The best sex is GENEROUS sex. The more generous you are, the more generous your partner will be. Make sure to always communicate what you want and crave. The key is to never blame one another. Start a conversation  with a question. My love, is there anything you love that I do and would like me to do more of? What can I do better?

  10. Meaningful Conversations

    • Sexual chemistry is amazing to have but being able to mentally stimulate your partner is undeniably necessary. Meaningful conversations lead to  better understanding of your partners aspirations, dreams and future goals which are all important.