What is the ripple your energy is creating in our rhythm of life?

What is the ripple your energy is creating in our rhythm of life?

The universe works in balance. It creates and destroys all there is that you see with the deep intention of harmony. When a new creation first reaches the atmosphere it is immediately met with a new manifestation that compliments the creation creating harmony, peace and joy. It's  the duality we see in this 3rd dimension of life and death, day and night, short and tall, masculine and feminine, near and far, and so forth.  Everything works in perfect equilibrium as one. Everything has a role and a purpose and together it creates the beautiful reality we see in front of us. The seasons, plants, flowers, animals, insects, humans … all one thread of consciousness. All as one creating our precious landscapes, interactions, experiences and life lessons. Each piece so important to the greater picture.

This thread is sacred and is always to be honored. 

However, when it is not we experience imbalance at all levels of our connection. 

We see mother nature desperately destroying hoping for new beginnings,

We see our oceans cry, 

we see animals becoming extinct,

We see humans experiencing dis-ease and pain

The purpose or role of each insect, animal, plant and human is to be honored.

And when it is not - discordance, disorganization and destruction is manifested.

Who are you?

What is your role?

What is the purpose of you being alive at this exact place and time?

Why has source breath life into you?

What lights your energy?

What is the ripple that your energy is creating in our rhythm of life?

These questions exist in our internal dialogue so loudly today because  more than ever it is time we understand it and own it.

We must chase ourselves instead of money

We must chase connection with others instead of likes on virtual realities

We must chase intimacy instead of material success

We must chase real answers instead of instant gratification

We must chase our role, our purpose, our spirit

We are killing our mother 

Our planet 

Our protection, provider, and love

One can only destroy something it does not appreciate it

And you can only lack appreciation for something you do not understand

This also goes for your own very existence.

We are destroying our bodies and our minds  

We are closing our connection to source . . .

Our connection to the very thing that makes us breath, smile, feel love and 

connection with all that is around us.

We feed our bodies elements it can not process

We have taken the role of superior that does not exist

We are creating disharmony that our hearts can feel

Why are so many  of us depressed?

Why are so many people seeking healing?

Why has the universe created so many healers in this time?

I am not writing anything you do not already know.

You have felt this already.

You know this already.

You are ready to overcome, thrive and become.

It is time. 

You are part of the harmony.

You are the purest form of love.

Your ripple matters.

Everyone ripple matters.

I am feeling the call of so many and I want to affirm to you that the time is now.

sqTake time to understand . . .

Your Role, Your Purpose and The ripple you are meant to create in our harmony.

We are waiting for you to reconnect.

Heal and come home!



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