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Reclaiming Your Divine Femininity


Welcome to The Reclaiming your Femininity Course, I’m so thrilled to have you. Take the time to not just watch, but also implement. The things that will help you go furthest is taking your time with each module. Make sure to have your sister journal with you. Stay focused.

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Share your progress with us in the Facebook group, and tag us on Instagram @Leyanneoliveira, using the hashtag #Reclaimingyourdivinefemininity. I’ll be looking out for you to cheer you on, as you embark on your journey of reclaiming your power!

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divine femininity and what it means

Understand why it’s important and what role it plays in your life.
You’ll self-identify where you have placed your energy throughout your life in order to regain it.
You will understand what your true nature is and how to unleash her.

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