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Self Discovery & Healing Retreat

hosted by self mastery & wellness coach leyanne oliviera


Saturday & Sunday, August 10 - 11

8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Bridgeport, CT

 The retreat will focus on opening the heart and centering you in soul through transformational workshopssister healing circlesceremoniesplant based meals with an overnight stay.

This is an opportunity to start or take your healing to the next level. An opportunity to release and let go of old wounds and hurt of the past and get to know your true self in a profound way.  

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Leyanne Oliveira is a Self-Mastery and Wellness coach for women driven by her mission to elevate the collective vibration the Feminine.

Committed to the growth of each woman she crosses path with, Leyanne provides one on one client coaching, healing workshops, and safe spaces where women can self-explore and self-express.

LO is constantly challenging, loving and improving the portrayal of women within herself as well as the patriarchal society we live in. She is equal parts loving, kind and intuitive; mixed with a whole lot of heart. Central to her work is compassion and a commitment to providing access to transformative wholistic healing care to all women.


Certified in modalities such as Life Coaching, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Hypnosis, NLP, and much more, Leyanne founded Life with LO as a platform to create more for herself and her global community. Aiming to (re)connect women with all three layers of themselves, Mind, Body & Spirit, her work takes a true (Whole)stic approach to healing.

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 The Venue


This year, our retreat will be hosted in Bridgeport, CT. The space is a wellness center that has an incredible healing energy. Check out the video below for a tour. 

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 more details

What You Will Experience

Intention setting Tea Ceremony

Sound Healing meditation

Heart Opening Workshops

Inner Child Healing workshop

Emotional Release Yoga 

Plant Based Lunch & Dinner

Loving Support Team Of Sisters At Your Service

The space is intended to push and challenge you to truly face yourself in powerful ways. There will be healers and volunteers in the space trained to support you as you go through your deep transformation.

Healing Toolbox

A deep intention for the retreat is offering tools that participants can integrate into their daily live. After the experience each participant will leave with a full healing toolbox to continue to use throughout their  journey.

Plant Based Meals

With Leyanne Oliveira’s work centering around mind, body and spirit healing, the retreat will only be serving high vibrational meals which is included in the total commitment value.

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 “the wound is the place where the light enters you”

- Rumi


 Are you ready to experience your deepest most authentic self? Are you tired of dealing with wounds from the past that still manifest in your life today? Are you looking for tools to help you feel aligned with your spirit and purpose in this life?


If yes, secure your spot today! I will only be accepting 15 women into this sacred space.

There are so many tools, resources, information that I have gained over the years while working with women one on one. I can’t wait to see the transformation that will happen when we share space.

Secure your spot today for only $100

Total Investment is $399



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